Round Pedestal Dining Table

Prepared for: Mary Robbins


Design & Construction


Wood Species: White Ash

Ashwood has a versatile beige to light-brown color tone. This light tone is easy to match with most interiors. It works particularly well in homes that are going for a Japanese or Scandinavian style interior as it blends well with the light brown aesthetic. However, one of the biggest advantages Ashwood has over other wood types is that it absorbs wood stains well. This allows homeowners to change the tone of their Ashwood dining table to any color that works best for their home.

In terms of wood grains, Ashwood almost always has straight grains giving it a neat look. However, on rare occasions, there may be unique grain patterns such as swirls that are formed due to the varying conditions that the tree grew in.

Source: Grey and Sanders |

Ashwood is famous among the North American and European community for weaponry making such as the handles of hunting knives or wooden platings of guns. It’s also commonly used to make baseball bats and tool handles.

One of the most common indicators of durability in the industry is the Janka scale (wood hardness) which ranges from 0 to 4,000. A ranking of 0 means the lumber is very soft and not suitable for dining table usage. A ranking of 4,000 means that the lumber is extremely hard and difficult to mill. Ashwood has a hardness rating of 1,320 placing it in the acceptable range for solid wood dining tables with other popular wood types such as Walnut and Oak.

Ashwood’s hardness also ensures that it has exceptional shock resistance. This is also the reason why this timber is used to make baseball bats as it does not split or crack easily upon high impact. As such, Ashwood dining tables are immensely beneficial for homeowners, as they would not dent easily from minor accidents that may occur during meal times.

Finish: Rubio Monocoat

Oil Plus 2C


Oil Plus is a revolutionary, plant-based, hardwax oil wood finish. As the name implies, in just one simple application you get color and protection for wood. It is used for flooring, furniture, cabinetry, millwork and just about any wood project imaginable. Oil Plus 2C works by forming a molecular bond with the topmost fibers of the wood. This results in a durable finish with great wear-, water- and heat resistance, all while keeping the natural look and feel of the wood.


2C stands for 2-component. Part A is the oil, and Part B is an accelerant and hardener. Oil Plus 2C is 0% VOC and does not contain solvents or water. It does not produce lap lines. It is easy to apply and maintain, and can be applied to all wood types. Oil Plus 2C is available in over 50 colors, which can all be mixed to create endless color possibilities.

Design & Construction

This round dining table features a 60″ diameter tabletop with a recessed shallow apron, a large single pedestal with a center support of 11 1/2 inch diameter, and a 40 inch wide base. The intricate square detail creates a unique focal point while the large and sturdy design is built to support even the heaviest of table tops.

• 60 inch (5 ft.) diameter circular table top

• Tabletop thickness measures 1-3/4 inches with a shallow ~ 3-1/2 to 4 inch apron for outside support

• Overall table height of 30 inches

• The use of offset dowels and/or wedges allows for wood movement with seasonal changes, as well as easy breakdown and assembly for easy transportation

• Tulip style decorative single pedestal column measuring 11-1/2 inches in width with a half-lap crossed square lifted base

Pedestal Isometric

Pedestal Top

Tabletop Front

Tabletop Isometric


8/4 White Ash Hardwood Boards (6 inch widths) – Estimated 300 board feet

Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C Finish

Milling, Construction, Fit & Assembly, Finishing & Consumables, Labor

3-week turnaround upon delivery of material


Total Project Cost: $5600

50% Deposit to Begin | Remaining 50% Due on Delivery